Quiz Meme thingie...

Havn't posted here in a looooong while... and since i'm at work at the mo, can't be bothered typing anything about whats goin' down either... But haven't done an Quiz Meme thingie in aaages, so thought i'd do this one...

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LJ Interests Meme

LJ Interests meme results

  1. ben stiller:
    Yes, he's a funnie funnie man hehehe... I can't help but just love Zoolander :-D, i'd have to say thats probably his best movie, though i love Meet The Parents also :-).
  2. cake:
    Cake.... What can i say about cake... Its yum... *looks about suspiciously* what?! stop looking at me!
  3. donuts:
    Now they really are just yum! well not *just* yum... but YUM!... my all time favourite donuts (and i must say i like to spell it that way "donuts" and not the other "doughnuts" way of spelling it, cause i think it looks just plan dumb, and takes away the tastieness of the donut) are 'chocolate toped custard filled long johns' mmm-mmm yum yum :-D
  4. evanescence:
    Yes a good band indeed *nods*... i like most others heard 'Bring Me To Life' when they brought out the single with DareDevil, and though "wow! this brand-new band is great!", while all the while the true fans are thinking "what losers! we've been listening to them for ages!"... But yeah, buyded 'Fallen' and quite enjoy it :-), and also downloaded a few song from 'Origin' (i think thats what they're first album was called), and those songs are pretty coolies too :-)
  5. j.r.r tolkien:
    Ahh yes... The wonderful fellow that brought us the fantastic LoTR :-D... haven't actually read any other writings of his besides LoTR related stuff... but yeah... LoTR is good *nods*...
  6. movies:
    Well who doesn't enjoy a good film! I don't mind most genres of movies, cept for chick-flicks, i mean don't mind *some* of them, 'Walk to Remember' is good, but something like 'Ever After' is rubbish... I actually quite like watch arty sort of movies too, movies that most others don't like, i tend to enjoy. I really really enjoyed 'The Village', while most people/critics didn't like it... Also if you've seen a movie called 'The Cube' i liked that, and if you *have* seen it, then you know what i mean, by i like those arty sort of movies :-)...
  7. music:
    Music... is good *nods*... i like pretty much all genres of music also (with the absolute exception of 'County' and 'R&B')... Most other music i love, Favourite would have to be Rock *nods*... but yeah music is cool.. i don't play anything, though i'd like to learn the guitar...
  8. sev:
    Sev... well.. haven't touched anything 'Sev' in sooo long... i used to love 'Terrible Twos', but alas... tis no more...
  9. switchfoot:
    YEAH! now here we go! actually went and saw them just last night! of course their new album came out couple of weeks ago 'Nothing Is Sound' and its great, listen to it at least once a day at the moment :-)... they're a really awesome rock band for those of you *rolls eyeses*... i memeber listening to some of their songs on the radio when i first really started to get into music (around 2000 i think), and really loved their music back then, though i was a poor young fellow back then, and coudn't buy their albums :-(.. But i've had thier albums for awhile nowadays, and yeah still listen to their back catalogue often :-)... Have to be one of my top favourite bands after Skillet.. And they're sooo good live! they're just an absolute rock band..
  10. the hobbit:
    Yes, this is being a good good read *nods*... Its a much easier read then LoTR is, but still with the LoTR goodness to it!

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I really need to add more interests though hehe...
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hehehe... i like this... probably shouldn't... hehehe.... but i do :-D
(*sigh* i should get back to work *gets back to work*)

-Oh and side note! Saw Switchfoot last night! ROCK-ON! i might post more bout that later...
(*now actually gets back to work*)
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Shower Meme

no idea why the hell its called the "Shower" Meme... showered with questions? *shrugs*... but anyways...

1. Comment for me to ask you 5 questions.
2. Answer the questions in your journal.
3. Put these instructions in the post.

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*Sort of comes back to the land of the online living*

Work has been pretty full on... have to get up a 6am every morning, don't normally get home till about 7pm... so yeah, don't have a whole lot of spare time...
But its good fun... it gets me moneyses :-)...

Motherboard in this PC fried itself last week, so got a new of the them, though the CPU that went with the MB wouldn't go with the new one, so had to get a new CPU also. But in the end it was only $200 for both, and its a faster both (CPU at 2.4 up from 1.5, and the MB has 4 USB2.0 ports, up from 2 USB1.1 ports, and onboardLAN graphics, cause the videocard had a heartattack too :-P)... but yeah i'm back up and running :-)...

*goes back to doing other stuff*

(oh and "you suck Williams!".... discounting the fact that she beat Sharapova :-( )...

Shake Jobs PCs and Tennis
Peace out
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Job like status

So went in and met with Adam from CSR Sugar (can't remember if i mentioned where i'd be working last time)... So anyway, sort of went it, he gave me a bit of background about what the company has been doing etc. (he himself has actually only been working there, for about a month :-) )... And so yeah, it went well i thought :-), and he said he'd just have to get the go ahead from upstairs, and he'd be in contact. Well they got back to me, and i got the work :-) yay me :-), and start tomozie!..

So yeah :-). can't remember if i said what i would be doing, but i'll be fixing up some of their filing stuff that is sort of in a bit of mess and stuff... so yeah, paper work really :-).. But i'll be gettin' $16AUD ($12.2US apparently) an hour plus Super. so i'm pretty happie with that. Should be 40hr weeks i think.

But yeah, better head off, as i've gotta be up in like 6 or 7 hours, and gotta go make sure i have something to wear an' all ;-)..

so yeah! should be good :-)

Shake ya sugar bowl!
Peace out
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